Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs

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Our mission is to foster student success and affinity by creating experiences that engage students in programs and services that support their learning and personal development.

  • Student Affairs provides access to excellence by offering students a wide range of out-of-class experiences that build skills in preparation for high levels of academic endeavor and life in a community of scholars. Student Affairs works to remove barriers to success and, in partnership with other campus units, prepares students for life in a technologically challenging and diverse global community.
  • Student Affairs incorporates excellence and innovation in the delivery of programs, services and facilities.
  • Student Affairs matches individual student goals for success with appropriate programs and services.
  • Student Affairs enhances the quality of campus life for all students and for the faculty, staff, parents and friends who nurture students’ dreams and aspirations.


Our vision is to be recognized as leaders who provide exemplary experiences through student affairs programs and services that support students’ success.