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2015-2016 Academic Year

QUICKSurvival Tips

  • Join a Student Organization
  • Study hard
  • Uphold academic honesty
  • Set goals
  • Acknowledge your accomplishments
  • Manage your time wisely
  • Meet with your professors
  • Use resources provided by professors & available elsewhere on campus
  • Seek out help when you need it, as soon as you need it
  • Take care of your health
  • Get ample sleep and schedule breaks
  • Budget your money
  • Get Involved
  • Be open to new people and ideas
  • Engage in UIC Impact –

Athletic Events

How much do tickets for UIC Athletic events cost?
As a UIC Student, your i-card provides free admittance to UIC home games/matches.

How do I find out what events are taking place?
Consult or the UIC News.


Where can I get cash?
ATM’s are located throughout the campus. Locations include Student Center East (SCE), Student Center West (SCW), Student Services Building (SSB), Behavioral Sciences Building (BSB), James J. Stukel Towers (JST), and Student Recreation Facility (SRF).

Banking Services

Credit Union 1
Complete banking services are offered by Credit Union 1, which has three convenient locations on campus – B5 UH, 7 AOB (3012-996-7065), and the second floor of SCE (312-355-0590). Credit Union 1 members can get free checking accounts and saving accounts with a minimum balance of $5, ATM/Debit cards, money orders, and traveler’s checks. Computer loans, student loans, and car loans are also available. ATM locations: BSB, SES, SCE, UIC Hospital lobby, and MBRB.

PNC Bank
PNC Bank is the student banking partner of UIC. PNC Bank has a branch location at UIC in the Student Center East (Second Floor). PNC Bank offers full banking services along with a checking account geared towards students called Virtual Wallet Student. Students with a PNC Bank account can link the account to their i-card for use as an ATM and PIN-based debit card. PNC has ATM locations at the branch, as well as Student Center West, Student Center East (First Floor), Behavioral Sciences Building, and James Stukel Towers.


Where do I purchase items for class?
The UIC Bookstore has the guaranteed lowest prices on new textbooks, competitive electronics pricing, educational discounts on software and computers, gifts and clothing. Used texts, rental texts, e-texts, and re-selling texts services are available. The bookstore is located on the first floor in the Student Center East. The Medical Bookstore is located on the first floor of Student Center West. More information is available at

Career Information

Where can I get help with my career search?
The UIC Office of Career Services provides personalized assistance to UIC students and recent UIC graduates in the areas of career planning and preparation. Information is also provided about part-time employment opportunities to help make the connection between the academic world and real world work experiences while at UIC and full-time employment opportunities to ensure a successful transition from UIC to the world of work. More information is available at

Centers for Cultural Understanding and Social Change

What is the African-American Cultural Center (AACC)?
A center especially concerned with nurturing the appreciation and study of African-American cultures. The center sponsors and advocates creative productivity and cultural research, cultural programming, student networking, and community outreach. Visit

What does the Asian American Resource and Cultural Center (AARCC) provide?
The center aims to provide education and resources for and about Asian Americans, increase awareness of diverse Asian American issues, and guides Asian American students in reaching their academic, personal, and professional potential while at UIC. Visit

What does Disability Resource Center provide?
The center provides a variety of services for students with disabilities, assistance with resources, and support for faculty members. For details consult

What are some of the goals of the Gender and Sexuality Center?
To increase the visibility of LGBTQ peoples on campus, enhance efforts at collaboration and connectedness with other groups/organizations, and provide advocacy and support for LGBTQ faculty, staff, and students. Visit

What are the aims of the Latino Cultural Center?
The Center aims to instill and encourage others to pursue and understand Latino issues. The Center strives to offer a positive atmosphere through the development of educational, cultural, and social programs, leading to greater retention and advancement of Latino students. Visit

How can the Women’s Leadership and Resource Center help?
The WLRC serves as a resource for the entire campus community while placing the experiences of diverse women at its center. We work to promote gender equity through programming that raises awareness of women’s and gender issues, develops women’s leadership, and celebrates women’s accomplishments and contributions. For details visit .

What services does Campus Advocacy Network provide?
CAN offers free, anonymous and confidential services for students, staff and faculty who have experienced sexual assault, dating/domestic violence and stalking. For details visit

Center for Student Involvement

What events are happening today?
Meet others, hone skills, and have fun crafting, enjoying movies, seeing exhibits and more. The calendar of events is available on the UIC website. Also look for listings and announcements in the campus newspaper. Visit

Co-Curricular Transcript

Did you know you can earn and document co-curricular experience?
UIC Impact is about engaging you for success in and outside of the classroom. For more information about the co-curricular transcript, call the Center for Student Involvement at (312) 413-5070.

Community Service and Leadership

Would you like to volunteer?
Get Involved in Volunteer Experience (G.I.V.E.) is an information resource. Visit or call (312) 996-4500 for details.

Commuter Student Resource Center

What does the Commuter Student Resource Center offer?
Located within Student Center East, the Commuter Student Resource Center has spaces for studying, lounging, and meeting. The facility is equipped with a kitchenette, computers, lockers, television, and wireless internet. Services include carpool connections, commuter advocacy and resource information. For additional details, visit or call (312) 413-7440.


Why would I utilize the Counseling Center?
When personal problems, career questions, or relationship issues interfere, the Counseling Center staff members are prepared to help students attain their personal and academic goals. Visit

Family Services

Does UIC offer day care?
The Children’s Center provides full-day early childhood education services to preschool children of UIC students, faculty, and staff. The children range in age from two years, nine months to six years. For more information, visit

May students with families live in residence halls?
UIC offers housing for students with families. The accommodations are fully furnished  2-3 bedroom or suite styled apartments. Family residences are located on the same floor and limited in number. For more information call (312) 355.6307 or visit

Financial Concerns

  • Tuition Assistance

How do I apply for Financial Aid?
Visit to access the Office of Student Financial Aid (OSFA). The OSFA administers an array of federal, state and institutional programs.

Where do I apply for Student Employment?
For assistance in finding part-time jobs either on or off campus, visit or stop by the Office of Student Employment, Suite 2100 in the Student Services Building.

  • Tuition Payments

What is the schedule of payments?
Payment is due on the 28th of each month. Tuition and fee charges for fall and spring terms are billed in September and February respectively. Summer term charges are billed in June and/or July depending on enrollment.

Where do I make payments?
You may make your tuition payments on-line, in person, by deposit, by mail or via wire transfer – see details below.

The University accepts online payments by credit card.

Payments may be made in-person (check or cash only) at: Cashier Operations, Marshfield Avenue Building (MAB), Room 116.

Payments may be deposited at: Student Services Building (SSB) – Harrison Street entrance, Student Center East (SCE) – Second floor, or Marshfield Avenue Building (MAB) – Room 116.

Payments may be mailed. The student name and UIN must be written on the check. A printed copy of the payment coupon from the E-Bill must be included to ensure proper credit. Payment should be mailed at least five business days prior to the due date to allow for mail delivery and processing time. Payments may be mailed to:

University of Illinois
Student A/R
PO Box 19455
Springfield, IL 62794-9455

Questions or concerns regarding these matters may be directed to University Student Financial Services, Room 1900 Student Services Building (SSB), or call (312) 996-8574.

  • Housing Payments

When will I be billed for housing?
Campus housing is billed once per semester in accordance to an individual’s contract date.

  • Meal/Dinning Plans

What is the benefit of having a meal plan?
Having a UIC meal plan is easy and economical and helps you adjust to your busy campus life. You never have to worry where your next meal is coming from.

Visit for details.

I do not live on campus, can I have a meal plan?
Absolutely! Consult the options to determine which plan best accommodates your needs.

Visit for details.

What are Dragon Dollars?
The Dragon Dollar$ program is the official campus debit account linked to your i-card. Dragon Dollar$ can be used in any of our campus eateries, including dining halls, convenience stores and fast food. They are also used for residential laundry.

Visit for more information.

Health Maintenance

How do I apply for health insurance?
Campus Care is a comprehensive student health benefit program offered by the University of Illinois to eligible enrolled students at the Chicago, Peoria, and Rockford campuses. All registered students who have NOT previously waived out of the Student Health Benefits Program are automatically enrolled. Visit the website for more details –

Where should I file my immunization records?
Your immunization records should be filed with the Office of Medical Immunization Records. The office is located within the Office of Registration and Records, Suite 1300, Student Services Building 1200 West Harrison Street. Questions may be addressed by calling (312) 413-0464.

How do I get medical attention?
Students who are currently enrolled in classes at UIC are eligible to receive many preventative outpatient services at the Family Medicine Center. For those students who also purchase coverage through the CampusCare health benefit plan, the Family Medicine providers will provide comprehensive primary care services for you as described in the Certificate of Coverage (, as well as manage any necessary specialty care. Questions concerning your CampusCare coverage should be directed to: (312) 996-4915. All students must present their student ID cards.

What can the Wellness Center do for me?
The Wellness Center provides accurate and current information about health and wellness topics to encourage students to make healthy choices that integrate knowledge and understanding with their own personal values and a sense of community responsibility.  Visit


  • On Campus Housing

What are the amenities in the Residence Halls?
Amenities vary per location, but may include: air conditioning and heat, free laundry for residents, kitchenettes and vending machines, computer lab, lounges and common areas, telephone jack, cable TV connection, internet connection and more. For more details per location, visit

What is a Special Housing Interest Community?
Special Interest Housing Communities join you with others in the same major or who have a shared interest with you. Review the list of dynamic communities on the Campus Housing website

  • Off Campus Housing

Is Off Campus Housing available?
Visit the Off Campus Housing Database to begin your search. Access the database by visiting


  • I-Card

How do I get an i-card?
Visit an ID Center. The main office is located in the Student Services Building (SSB),
Suite 1790, 1200 W. Harrison. A satellite office is located in the Student Center West (SCW), Room 241, 828 S. Wolcott. The main ID Center can also assist you with passport photos, immigration photos, general use color photos, and international student cards. For more information, visit

When will I use an i-card?
You will use your i-card to access appropriate services and facilities on campus. It is your official permanent ID card and will be used as long as you attend or are employed by the University of Illinois at Chicago.

  • NetID

What is a NetID?
Your electronic NetID allows you to login to lab computers, print on campus, access UIC email, use Blackboard, and buy software. Visit the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) webpage  to establish your NetID.

  • Enterprise ID

Why do I need an Enterprise ID?
An Enterprise ID will enable you to register for classes, view grades, update personal information, pay tuition, and check financial aid. Establish this electronic ID on the Academic Computing and Communications Center (ACCC) website

International Services

What does the Office of International Services (OIS) offer?
The office offers advising on both immigration and related government and university policies, as well as offering cross-cultural programming to the UIC community. Visit for more information.

Job Information

Where may I go for information about jobs?
The UIC Office of Career Services and the Student Employment Office are valuable resources for students seeking part-time jobs while attending the university and full-time employment after graduation. The offices sponsor networking events, career fairs and other opportunities to promote the employment of UIC students and graduates. For more information, visit  and

Leadership Development

What are some Leadership Development programs?
Student Leadership Development and Volunteer Services implements the UIC Ambassadors, Student Leadership Conference, Take a Professor to Lunch and other exciting programs. For more information call (312) 996-4500 or visit

Legal Assistance

If I need legal or mediation services or help, where do I go?
An attorney is on staff at Student Legal Service (SLS) within the Office of the Dean of Students, Suite 3030, Student Services Building, 1200 West Harrison Street. The attorney assists currently enrolled UIC students and a secretary and student paralegal provide further support. For more information, call (312) 996-9614 or visit


What libraries are on campus?
The Richard J. Daley Library (801 South Morgan) and Library of the Health and Sciences (1750 West Polk) are available to you. From conducting research to utilizing computing services, the UIC libraries can meet your needs. Visit to consult a full list of services and hours.

Lost and Found

Is there a centralized place to recover lost items?
Lost items are taken to the Student Service Centers located inside Student Center East and Student Center West. Visit


Who can assist me with mediation?
Contact the Ombudsperson in the office of the Dean of Students. An Ombudsperson is an advocate for fairness, who investigates student complaints, reports the findings, and helps to achieve equitable settlements. The Ombudsperson may serve as a counselor, go-between, mediator, informal fact finder, or upward administration feedback mechanism.

Movie Tickets

Discount movie passes are available for AMC and Regal Theatres. Stop by either of the UIC Bookstores for more information and purchases.


What is the name of the campus newspaper?
The campus newspaper is the UIC News. The publication is free and available in print and on-line for your enjoyment. The on-line link is

Postal Services

Where do I buy stamps?
Stamps may be purchased from either UIC Bookstore.

Where do I take outgoing mail?
Mailboxes are located inside and outside several campus buildings.

Recreation Center and Sports and Fitness Center

Where are the facilities located?
The Student Recreation Center is located at 737 South Halsted and the Sport and Fitness Center is located at 828 South Wolcott. Each facility offers an array of activities, instructional programs, and other services. Stop by the facilities to determine what options work best for your objectives. For more information, visit

What are the intramural sport options?
Intramural sports include basketball, volleyball, soccer, flag football, floor hockey, softball, kickball, powder puff football, tennis, table tennis, badminton, racquetball, dodgeball and more. Instructional programs and other services are also available. Visit, the Student Recreation Facility or the Sport and Fitness Center for more information.


When do I register for classes?
New undergraduate students will register for the fall semester as part of the New Student Orientation Program, which is conducted during the summer months.

Continuing students will be able to view their time ticket (appointment to register) on the web in mid- March for April registration for summer and fall courses. Time tickets are available on the web in mid October for November registration for spring courses. Students in certain Health Sciences professional colleges may receive other registration information from their colleges.

Visit for details.

What if I need assistance registering?
If you need general assistance with Registration, call the Registration Help Line at  (312) 996-8600. The Help Line is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am until 5:00 pm, Central Standard Time.

Religious and Spiritual Support

For information about religious and spiritual organizations please contact The Center for Student Involvement at (312) 413-5070 or the Dean of Students Office at (312) 996 -4857.

Research Opportunities

What is the Summer Research Opportunities Program (SROP)?
Consistently ranked among the top 50 out of more than 637 national universities in federal research funding, students are encouraged to assist with or conduct research. Check within your academic college to learn about opportunities.

How do I learn about research opportunities?
SROP introduces domestic underrepresented sophomores and juniors to academic research experiences. Participants work one-on-one with faculty mentors giving them an opportunity to experience research and the graduate student experience. For more information call (312) 413-2558 or visit


  • Campus Police

What is the role of UIC Police?
The UIC Police is a full-service police department with an emphasis on service. Providing help, service and information is the main goal. UIC police officers are peace officers. Additionally, UIC Police Officers possess all the powers of municipal police officers and county sheriffs, including the power to make arrests on view and on warrants. Officers enforce state statutes and municipal ordinances on and off campus and university regulations on campus. They have the authority to stop and challenge anyone with probable cause (per Illinois Compiled Statutes 110 305/7). For all police services on campus call (312) 355-5555. For more information, visit

  • Audible Alert System

What is the audible alert system?
In the event of an emergency, communication will be transmitted over the audible   alert system. The system is installed in buildings throughout campus.

  • Escort Service

Is there a walking escort service?
The Student Patrol Escort Service offers a walking escort service available between university buildings and university owned property in the immediate campus area. The service is performed by members of the Student Patrol. Escort requests can be made by calling the University Police at (312) 996-2830.

  • Emergency Call Boxes

How does the emergency call box system work?
There are over 1,000 emergency call box alarms on UIC’s campus. They can be identified as the brown poles with blue lights on top. Pushing the button puts you in contact with the UIC Police dispatcher.

  • Emergency Messages

How do I sign up to receive emergency text messages?
Visit to register for the SMS Emergency Notification System. The service will send timely text messages to your cell phone or any SMS-capable device in the case of an urgent campus-wide emergency.

  • Red Car

What is Red Car?
Red Car is an escort service that provides transportation to university employees, students, visitors, and other authorized individuals between university facilities and university to points of public transportation, or to private residences within the designated area. Available 7 days per week, including holidays, from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. UIC ID must be presented to driver when boarding. For more information or to arrange for the service call (312) 996-6800.

Student Centers

Where are the Student Centers located?
Student Center East (750 South Halsted) and Student Center West (828 South Wolcott) provide comfortable atmospheres to study, eat, and mingle. Each Student Center features a study lounge accessible 24 hours a day: The Circle Center in SCE and the East Lounge in SCW. More information is available at

Student Development Services

What does Student Development Services provide?
Student Development Services provides customer service at the highest level through quality programs, friendly interactions, and resourceful referrals. Specific programming includes New Student and Parent Orientation, Leadership Development and Volunteer Service Experiences, Commuter Student Advocacy, and Health and Wellness information. For more details call (312) 996-3100 or visit

Student Government

Would you like to represent the Student Body?
The governance organizations are dedicated to helping students with academic and communal concerns and the voice that represents the student body to the University Administration. For more information about the Undergraduate Student Government, Graduate Student Council and the Health Professions Student Council, visit

Student Organizations

Would you enjoy contributing your talents to a student organization?
Learn more by attending a Fun Fair or consulting the list of registered student organizations at

Student Support

In what areas can the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) help me?
ACE offers courses and workshops and assists with general study strategies, time management, critical reading, test-taking strategies, vocabulary-building, note-taking, math tutoring, and much more.  Visit

What services does the African American Academic Network (AAAN) offer?
AAAN offers free individual and group tutoring in a variety of subjects, in addition to several other academic interventions.  Visit

Is there a resource for students with a disability?
The Disability Resource Center (DRC) provides services for students with documented disabilities including learning disabilities, vision or hearing impairments, systematic/physical disabilities and psychiatric disabilities. Visit for more details.

How do I access Honors College Tutoring?
Qualified Honors College students are available to help you in almost every subject, for more information, visit or stop by Burnham Hall in Room 220 during the week between 9 am and 4 pm.

What does the Latin American Recruitment and Educational Services (LARES) provide?
LARES provides academic advising, career counseling, financial aid, internships, and scholarship information. For more information, visit or call
(312) 996-3356.

What do Learning Resource Centers (LRCs) provide?
Experienced tutors, academic workshops, internet research tools and a quiet place to study are provided by LRC. Stop by the Student Center East, Student Center West, and Stukel Towers locations. Visit for details.

Is there a resource for students of Native American heritage?
The Native American Support Program (NASP) strives to increase the enrollment, retention and graduation rates of Native American students. Visit

Who does the TRIO Support Program assist?
TRIO assists individuals who come from low-income families and/or are first generation college students. For more information visit, call (312) 996-5046, or stop by the TRIO Support Program office, 2720 SSB.

Who do I contact for help with writing?
Contact the Writing Center. The center is committed to the improvement of writing across campus. Appointments with a peer tutor can be made by stopping by 105 Grant Hall or online via

Student Veteran Affairs

Are there services for former military personnel?
Yes. Student Veterans Affairs is housed within the Office of the Dean of Students. The office serves the veteran community at UIC by providing assistance with the daily

co-curricular needs of student veterans. Whether it is a quick question or a serious matter, contact the office for help.  For more information, call (312) 996-4857.

Study Abroad

Do I have the option to Study Abroad?
The Study Abroad Office offers a great variety of programs around the world in virtually any field of study. Visit for more details.


Is UIC committed to the environment?
The UIC Office of Sustainability coordinates initiatives on campus by receiving information, tracking data, and assessing progress. Your involvement is welcomed from recycling to assisting with the community garden. For more information, visit

Testing Services

What is the purpose of Testing Services?
The department administers placement tests for entering freshman and transfer students.

Visit for more details.

Textbooks and Course Material

Where do I purchase items for class?
The UIC Bookstore has the guaranteed lowest prices on new textbooks, competitive electronics pricing, educational discounts on software and computers, gifts and clothing. Used texts, rental texts, e-texts, and re-selling texts services are available. The bookstore is located on the first floor in the Student Center East. The Medical Bookstore is located on the first floor of Student Center West. More information is available at


  • Bicycling

Where may I leave my bike?
Simply lock your bike on one of the racks available outside of campus buildings.

Register your bike with the UIC Police online by completing this form.

  • Campus Shuttles

Where do I board the Intracampus buses?
Boarding areas are identified with UIC Campus Shuttle signs. Show the driver your i-card as you board. There is no additional fee. For schedule information, visit

  • Driving

How do I secure parking?
Determine if you will be driving regularly or only on occasion. If you will be driving regularly secure assigned parking. If you will only drive occasional, utilize cash lots, metered or pay box locations. For parking locations and rates visit for more information.

  • Public Transportation

What is the CTA U-PASS?
The CTA Ventra U-PASS is provided to eligible students during enrolled terms. The Ventra U-PASS provides unlimited use of CTA trains and buses. Distribution for new students is conducted in the Student Services Building. Check for CTA routes and schedules. Visit for the U-PASS distribution schedule.

  • Rollerblading & Skateboarding

Are rollerblading and skateboarding allowed on and near campus?
Yes. Please be mindful of others on the university paths. Refrain from use on university benches, risers, railings or stairs. Usage is prohibited inside university buildings.


What is an Academic Transcript?
An official academic transcript may be secured by contacting the Office of Admissions and Records. Requests may be made online or in writing accompanied by a small processing fee. Visit

What does a Co-Curricular Transcript document?
The UIC Co-Curricular Transcript documents the learning and activities that you engage in outside of the classroom. Contact the Center for Student Involvement at (312) 413.5070 for details.

Volunteering and Leadership

Would you like to volunteer?
Get Involved in Volunteer Experience (G.I.V.E.) is an information resource. Visit or call (312) 996-4500 for details.


Where can I get information relating to wellness?
The Wellness Center provides accurate and current information about health and wellness topics to encourage students to make healthy choices that integrate knowledge and understanding with their own personal values and a sense of community responsibility.  Visit